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Unit 8 - Reducing False Alarms from Fire Detection & Alarm System

False alarms are a problem for everyone connected with the Fire Detection and Alarm system. To the end user they produce unnecessary lost production and subsequently lost income. The installer and maintainer will receive complaints and lose time while investigating the cause of false alarms and the resolution of them as well as time lost for the fire brigade in attending non-emergency calls.

Most false alarms are due to simple reasons and do not require intensive technical knowledge to prevent them. This course will give you an overview of how a detection system works in accordance with BS5839 and what to look for in identifying the reason for a false alarm, it will then give you advice on how to reduce and prevent further occurrence of false alarms.

The Course
This intensive course is run over one day and will provide you with the knowledge to identify the cause of false alarms and what action is necessary to prevent future occurrences, ranging from faults in the alarm system through to environmental and process activities.

Who should attend?
Anyone with an involvement in fire detection and alarm systems should attend this course with particular benefit to fire alarm sales engineers, end users, consultants, specifiers, insurers and fire service personnel.

The course will detail the following points:
• Why reduce false alarms
• The principles of detection
• Categories of detection in BS5839 Pt 1 and a brief description of fire detection technology
• Maintenance of fire alarm systems (choosing a competent maintainer and nominating the responsible person)
• Testing and inspecting the fire alarm system
• Reducing false alarms
• Taking action to minimise false alarms

All course delegates will be provided with a comprehensive manual covering the material included in this unit and additional support material, serving as a valuable point of reference after completion of the course. The ongoing assessment included during the day will allow the trainer to monitor progress and provide additional assistance to learning where required. Delegates achieving 75% or more in the assessments will be awarded an FIA certificate stating that they have attended and passed the course.

During this course you will be provided with a manual to assist in the learning process and there are tests where you will be expected to read questions and write answers. The FIA is unable to make special provision for those who are unable to complete these tasks.

Benefits to the individual and your company:

  • An understanding on the causes of false alarms
  • An understanding of fire detection systems
  • The knowledge as to who can identify and resolve the causes for false alarms and whether it is necessary to call out the service engineer


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